Abu Zeid Restaurant- Seafood, Fish, Quality Meat
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Welcome to Abu Zeid restaurant specializing in fish, seafood, fine meats
The restaurant was founded in 1990 by Abu Zeid and now managed by his eldest son chef Zeid
Rich and varied restaurant menu and a selection of fish are served straight from the sea to the plate!,
The restaurant's quality meats offering beauty of flesh which teeth will be happy Lhineac: steaks, lamb chops, lamb kebab skewers juice dripping all kinds of meat. The variety of meats will be accompanied by plates of healthy salads
A large and loyal public diners from Haifa and the region, as well as Israeli and foreign tourists come to
Abu Zeid restaurant to eat a good dinner is also an authentic Middle Eastern experience Stihakak your memory.

The restaurant is located close to the boardwalk of a wave You can experience the flavors and colors, celebrate birthdays with us and special events, or just to pamper yourself, your family and friends a good meal in a pleasant atmosphere and service courteous.

When you are looking for a restaurant in Haifa in the north in particular, let's enjoy the restaurant Abu Zeid different taste experience!


Opening hours

Sunday- Saturday 12:00 - 24:00
Price per person

How to get there

Passengers from the hospital Rambam Yotvata 200 meters, the restaurant is in front of square on the right side


Events can be held up to 100 people

City: Haifa
Address: Haaliya 52, Bat Galim, Haifa
Tel: 04-8523419, 050-3604605


Fish heads are a major source of proteins in many cultures.  The fish are now about 16% protein exploited menus around the world. More than a billion people, this is the only protein source.

Edible fish and especially fish contain high concentrations of Omega 3, unsaturated fatty acids are considered particularly health. This is actually their greatest advantage over the fish ponds. Most important food fish consumption throughout the years and is considered a talisman for health and longevity. Populations are fed a rich menu where fish populations are jolly morbidity rates particularly low

Fish - especially fish with white flesh - they are an excellent source of various minerals. Low fat which, especially if they're prepared in cooking, steaming or grilled quickly succeeded. Seafood "composed" In recent years, high cholesterol, but the amount of saturated fats are low, so that's good for them to integrate the fixed menu.

Balanced diet based on food fresh, healthy and rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, lean meat and unsaturated fats.
Composition of a Mediterranean diet is very suitable for us in Israel and includes a seasonal preference for fresh food over processed food and industrial types.

Variety of Seafood recipes, shrimp, oysters, Sklevfim Kelamary squid, crabs...

Edible seafood such as shellfish and shell, are considered delicacies in most prestigious kitchens of the world. Under this category are the clams (mussels Aweistr or Skalup), shrimp (shrimp Upraons various types), crabs lobsters, Kelamary, cuttlefish and more. Some kitchens are also exotic seafood.

Do you think the shrimp is not healthy? It's time to think a little differently: If you use them in the kitchen - and not necessarily loaded with batter, fry them in calories and fats - Ahshrymfim are not only delicious but also healthy. Fixation provided by the various health servicesin Europe and the United States, and you can safely enjoy the best seafood.

How to Hosts, freezers thaw seafood at home?
Tiv branches you will find a large variety of fresh fish pool, Shrymfim, Lngostinim, lobsters and more. After bringing them home, most desired is best to cook them that day. So keep your Asisiutm, the delicate texture of their meat and tastes.


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Our Location: Haaliya 52 St. Bat Galim, Haifa, Israel,     Tel:972-4-8523419, Mobile:972-50-3604605, Fax:972-4-8507772